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S.C. Tipograf Service S.R.L. came into existence because of the market's demand for qualified engineers in the repair and maintenance of printing equipments.

The founder of this company, Mr. Attila Szocz, started his work in the printing field in 1990, at The State Polygraphy in Brasov, Romania. He started in the department of soft mechanics and top overhaul at the Polygraphy, which, after the 90's, by privatization, through the MEBO method, became Tiposervice S.A.
The activity at this company was very efficacious and interesting. They even assured the training in the field of endeavor. However, after a while, the founding of a company with the activity strictly in the printing industry became necessary. That is how Tipograf Service was founded. The printing equipments installed and repaired by us are some of the most sophisticated in the world, the value of some being higher than a couple million Euros.

On another note, in recent years, all over Europe, the printing machine industry has been greatly modernized, while the older machines began to break.
Apparently the new issues are much more complex, their detection and mending requiring highly qualified specialists.
However, while we were assisting clients with these kind of issues, we were also gathering a large quantity of information. This is how we realized that certain machines were being sold at unrealistic prices. Although we understand that this is a business, we are also here to provide our clients with the best options for selling and buying their machines.
Due to the permanent knowledge upgrade that we are exposed to, our old customers appreciate us, while we will gladly prove our abilities in front of the new ones.

Call us with confidence! All consultations are free!

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